R[X̓Course Features


What you will study:

The Urban Environment Systems Course (Department) aims to provide a comprehensive and engineering approach to gurban environmenth. Students can receive a wide range of basic education upon enrolment without specifying a specialized field. From the 3rd year onwards, various and more specialized classes are available, and you can experience research in different fields. Through these lessons, and by setting up your own laboratory by the 4th year, you can decide where you want to work in the future.

  • Urban space planning, such as environmentally friendly city planning and architectural design
  • Urban infrastructure engineering, such as safety-conscious structures and disaster prevention
  • Urban environmental engineering, such as recycling and energy that contribute to the global environment
  • Urban information engineering, such as media and simulation to create a new environment

Students will receive specialized education in:
"Urban environment" is a highly functional integrated discipline that combines various technologies. Why not choose the engineering technology that suits your individuality, and contribute to the creation of new cities?

What the course includes:

  • Education in industrial technology that meets the challenges of urban environments
  • Education with field experience, and solving of problems on-site
  • Education that contributes widely to society

The Urban Environment Systems Course (Department) provides education for urban environment specialists. We regard the way of the urban environment as a general system, and to create a more appropriate relationship between urban development and conservation of the natural environment, we go out into the field to understand and resolve issues, and train specialists for the 21st century who are engaged in gurban environmental engineeringh, and who will contribute to society on many levels.
For more specialized research, students can receive a more advanced education in Graduate School.

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