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Area 1: Urban Planning and Design

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Urban Planning

Miki MURAKI P City & Regional planning, Sustainable development murakitu.chiba-u.ac.jp
Dongyun KWAK AtP Urban design and management, Smart community design, Public space and public life, Human settlements dongyunfaculty.chiba-u.jp

Living Environment Planning

Hideki KOBAYASHI P Housing planning and design, Community design, Residential property management kobayashi.hidekifaculty.chiba-u.jp
Ryohei MORINAGA AP Housing design, Architectural planning, Community design morinaga.rfaculty.chiba-u.jp

Urban Design

Kiharu TSUGE P Planning, Design and produce for the mixed use, Redevelopment project, and City planning tsugetu.chiba-u.ac.jp
Saikaku TOYOKAWA AP Urban design, Public facility design, History of modern architecture and city toyokawa-schiba-u.jp

Urban Architectural Planning

Jiyoung JUNG AtP Housing planning and design, Sustainable community design, Architectural planning jyjungfaculty.chiba-u.jp
Nobuyuki OHKAWA VAP Architectural design, Architectural history, Project management, Construction management ohkawatu.chiba-u.ac.jp

Area 2: Urban Infrastructure Engineering

Urban Disaster Mitigation

Hajime OKANO P Performance based design, Reliability, Soil-structure interaction, Reiforced concrete building hajimeokanochiba-u.jp
Toru SEKIGUCHI AP Geotechnical earthquake engineering, Building foundation, Traffic-induced vibration tsekigucfaculty.chiba-u.jp

Urban Infrastructure

Fumio YAMAZAKI P Urban infrastructure systems, Earthquake engineering, Remote sensing, Structural safety and reliability, Urban disaster mitigation yamazakitu.chiba-u.ac.jp
Yoshihisa MARUYAMA AP Real-time earthquake engineering, Urban disaster mitigation, Moving stability of automobiles under dynamic disturbance ymaruyamtu.chiba-u.ac.jp
Wen LIU AtP Remote sensing, Urban monitoring, Urban disaster minigation wenliutu.chiba-u.ac.jp

Urban Facility Structure

Goro KONDO AP Concrete structure, Concrete engineering kondotu.chiba-u.ac.jp
Hideo TSUKAGOSHI VP Seismic engineering, Structural design h.tsukatu.chiba-u.ac.jp

Microwave Remote Sensing

Josaphat Tetuko SRI SUMANTYO P* Environmental remote sensing, Synthetic aperture radar, Assessment of circular polarization, Development of small satellites jtetukossfaculty.chiba-u.jp

Area 3: Urban Environmental Engineering

Environmental Management

Yasunari MATSUNO P Recovery of precious metals from WEEE using "organic aqua regius", Dynamic modeling of material flow, Life cycle assessment, Application of nighttime light images for stock accounting matsunochiba-u.jp
Junichi RYU AP Energy carrier, Thermochemical energy storage, Energy conservation, Nuclear chemical engineering, Environmental catalysis jryuchiba-u.jp
Akihiro YOSHIMURA RAtP Recovery of precious and rare metals from secondary sources, Material / Substance flow analysis, Life cycle assesment of social infrastructure a.yoshimurachiba-u.jp

Sustainable Energy

Hironao OGURA P Environmental energy systems, Renewable energy systems, Chemical heat pump, Chemical energy engineering, Recycle, Drying hiro_ogurafaculty.chiba-u.jp
Shigehisa UCHIYAMA VAP Analytical chemistry, Environmental chemistry, Environmental health sciences, Indoor air quality, Tobacco research uchiyamatu.chiba-u.ac.jp

Recycle Technology

Takaaki WAJIMA AP Chemical and resource engineering, Environmenatal engineering, Material recycle, Water treatment, Renewable energy wajimatu.chiba-u.ac.jp
Yuji HIROSE AtP Rheology, Thermal fluid, Suspension, Gel dynamics, Polymer physical chemistry hirosetu.chiba-u.ac.jp

Environmental Remote Sensing

Hiroaki KUZE P* Optical remote sensing, Environmental monitoring, Air pollution, Spectroscopy, Lidar, Satellite observation hkuzefaculty.chiba-u.jp

Area 4: Urban Information Engineering

Urban Mathematical Systems

Yasuo SUGAI P System engineering, Optimization engineering, Complex networks, Large scale network, Emergent computation sugaifaculty.chiba-u.jp

Urban Information Systems

Sachiyo ARAI P Distributed artificial intelligence, Multiagent reinforcement learning, Multiobjective optimization, and Cognitive architecture sachiyofaculty.chiba-u.jp
Yasuhiko HIGAKI AP Multimedia systems, Internet and intranet engineering higakitu.chiba-u.ac.jp

Urban Communication Systems

Shigeo SHIODA P Performance analysis of communication systems, Operations research, Queueing systems, Localization shiodafaculty.chiba-u.jp
Hiroyuki YOSHIMURA AP Biometrics, Optical engineering, Optical information processing system, Signal & Image processing, Information security, Electromagnetic wave engineering yoshimurafaculty.chiba-u.jp

Remote Sensing Integrated Analysis

Kazuhito ICHII P* Climate change, Satellite observation, Ecosystem, Machine learning, Sustainability ichiichiba-u.jp

P : Professor
AP : Associate Professor
AtP : Assistant Professor
RAtP : Research Assistant Professor
VP : Visiting Professor
VAP: Visiting Associate Professor
*: Department of Environmental Remote Sensing (Graduate School) and Urban Environment Systems(Faculty)